You’re only as good as your last event

event services

Ever wonder why conferences are so stressful? A common giggle amongst fellow event coordinators, executive assistants and almost anyone who has planned and coordinated an event is how people don’t realise what goes into it, until they have planned, coordinated and executed an event for themselves. 

A misspelt name tag, a rooming list mix-up, a not-enough-space issue, a delay in the program, an audio visual hick–up, a presentation mix-up and maybe a badly cooked piece of fish…  there are many opportunities for things to go wrong if an event is not planned, briefed, coordinated and managed properly. It requires the right people with the right knowledge, skills and above everything, experience… and it all begins with sourcing the right venue.

The venue you choose will either make or break your event. A beautiful venue in a tranquil setting may offer the ambiance and relaxation needed, but if the service is poor, it doesn’t matter how beautiful the venue is. Luxury hotels and resorts spend a fortune training their staff in order to set and maintain the highest level of luxury one can experience. Venues with higher ratings set themselves apart purely on the level of service they offer and attention to detail in everything they do.

event services

If you receive a welcoming smile on arrival, and your first 10 minutes of being at the venue impresses you, you are off to a great start, but to ensure service is maintained through-out your event, it is important to get to know your staff (by name) and ensure a relationship of mutual respects coexists. The important role venue staff play in the outcome of your event is crucial, and needs to be consistent right till the very end, because in this industry… you are only as good as your last event.