IoT & the events industry

Events industry

IoT is becoming a real buzz word in our modern age. But what does it mean for the events industry, and how can it help improve and add to the value of events? IoT offers the ability to gather data and then make informed decisions to improve event management.
Things like improved registration and attendee tracking processes, interactive posters, and personalised experiences are only some of the ideas that scratch the surface of the possibilities. Allowing connection to a Wi-Fi network could even track the movements of delegates and then offer information about which parts of the event are most engaging to your audience.

What is the Internet of Things?
Devices ranging from coffee machines to billboards, and cell phones to air conditioners can be connected by the internet. This connectivity allows devices to be controlled remotely and to communicate as programmed. This is the Internet of Things (IoT).

An interactive experience
One of the benefits and the way in which this technology could change the way events are carried out in the future, is by increasing engagement and participation with an audience. By tracking an audience’s movements and understanding their individual interests, roles in the company and the outcomes each person hopes to achieve, it may be possible to design individual streams or experiences for the delegates, which are taken part in as a group with the same metrics.

Data collection
IoT can offer decision makers within the company valuable data about the success and participation during the event, which will assist them to understand exactly what may have been achieved during the event. This data will also provide events organisers the chance to understand what worked, what didn’t work, and what to change for future events.

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