Cut the budget – Keep the conference


In South Africa’s current economic climate there are two ways you can look at conferencing and events for your company. The first is a decision to cut back and tighten up on budgets, and the second is to invest in your staff with team-building, conferencing and events to increase knowledge and drive efficiency and moral to improve business results.

‘’Tighter budgets and an increased expectation of value for money and return on investment have seen more and more South African companies looking for conference venues that offer everything they need in one venue, and at a reasonable price.’’ Marc Wachsberger, MD of The Capital Hotels and Apartments.

Conference venues that deliver

Because many companies are cutting back a little on their budgets, it has become even more important to pack a dynamite event into a shorter space of time. By increasing the effectiveness of the event by utilising time, creativity and energy efficiently, the best venues and conference organisers are becoming vital parts to ensuring a successful event.

Moving your conferences & events forward into 2019

By partnering with a professional end efficient team of conference organisers, you can be sure that your budgets will be in tact, your event will be a success and your team or staff compliment will benefit from your efforts.

Partner with Joburg Conferences & Events in 2019

As the premier Joburg events organisers, we will happily assist you even if you just need to have a party at your offices and need help with caterers. Even if you only need help  with sourcing peripherals like a Guest Speaker to get your sales people enthusiastic again, we can give you suggestions and point you in the right direction.

We’ve saved the best part for last! WE ARE A FREE SERVICE – FREE – GRATIS – FOR NOTHING. We get paid for our services by our venues and our suppliers, so will never charge you a cent!

If you’d like to find out more about how we can turn you into a SUPERSTAR, contact us today and one of the ‘Jozi Girls’ will gladly assist!